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Sold Out
On Tracy Lane — The OTL EP (Re-Issue)
Release date : Nov. 29, 2005
Label : Shock City Records


The OTL EP is the debut EP from On Tracy Lane. It was produced by Shock City Music, including producers Doug Firley (of Gravity Kills fame) and indie-rock veteran Chris Loesch. An all-star list of musicians helped to complete the recording, including Brad Booker (Stir, Apartment 26, Gravity Kills) on drums, Thom Donovan (Phono, Stir, La Push) on guitar, and Wil Pelly (Neptune Crush) on bass.

1. Back To Maybe
2. Better Again
3. House of Mimes
4. So It Goes
5. Walk In De Niro

“Better Again”

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