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On Tracy Lane — The Greatest Hits That Aren't Hits Yet
Release date : Aug. 09, 2011
Label : Independently Released

The Greatest Hits That Aren’t Hits Yet

The Greatest Hits That Aren’t Hits Yet features the best of On Tracy Lane as well as 3 brand new tracks recorded by platinum-selling producer Noel Golden. The album showcases OTL’s history from classic hits such as “Back to Maybe”, “Snowballs in LA”, and “Disappear” as well as future hits “Let’s Meet Again” and “Follow You Down.” The album also features demos and B-sides of never released material.

1. Let’s Meet Again
2. Follow You Down
3. Given The Chance
4. Smile Like a Child
5. Snowballs in LA
6. Disappear
7. Ship to Ride
8. 17
9. Back To Maybe
10. Better Again
11. House of Mimes
12. So It Goes
13. Walk In De Niro
14. Spent (Demo)
15. Eyes In The Sun
16. My Friend
17. The Right Ride
18. More

“Let’s Meet Again”

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