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On Tracy Lane — Melt & Paint EP
Release date : Oct. 06, 2009
Label : Independently Released

Melt & Paint EP

Darryn and Jerry wrote most of the Melt & Paint EP in the rock dungeon in Nashville, TN. The group of songs was the last product of the band’s time in Nashville. Recorded in Murfreesboro, TN, the EP the band put together a number of studio musicians to nail down the arrangements of the songs. The EP is the first to feature live strings, appearing on the song “More.” The EP also features a bonus interview of Darryn and Jerry from a radio station in Staten Island, where their song “Snowballs in LA” was the most requested song in the station’s history.

1. Eyes in The Sun
2. My Friend
3. The Right Ride
4. More
5. BONUS- WSIA 88.9FM Staten Island Interview

“Eyes in the Sun”

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