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OTL Members Form Entertainment Network

Darryn Yates and Jerry McFarland have started their own company called CAW Productions. The company debuted its first project is called The Mayhem Network in mid 2010 and now is being officially released! The Mayhem Network (‘TMN’) releases content via Television, Online, Facebook, YouTube, and iTunes. From music, sports, wacky, and sexy…to food, gadgets, movies, and games…The Mayhem Network has it all covered!

The Mayhem Network released their television show on Charter TV on March 29 2012. The show consists of skits, interviews, performances, and other random wacky things. You never know what you will see on The Mayhem Network TV…you’ll just have to see it for yourself.

TMN also produces ‘The Darryn Yates Show.’ The online podcast consists of Darryn Yates hosting his own show with the help of his crew, ‘The Decorators.’ Like TMN TV, you never know what you will hear on The Darryn Yates Show, but you are sure be in shock and awe. The show can be found via iTunes and it’s own website (thedarrynyatesshow.com)

TMN Online (themayhemnetwork.com) consists of original videos, podcasts, blogs, interviews, performances, and reviews all in one place! TMN Online gives fans the chance to submit their own videos, pics, articles, links, and more- giving anyone the chance to be seen and heard!

Check out themayhemnetwork.com for more!

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