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Latest Releases

Let’s Meet Again (Single)

On Tracy Lane — Let's Meet Again (Single)
Release date : Jun. 10, 2011
Label : Richmond Avenue Music

Let's Meet Again is the latest single from OTL. The song was recorded and produced by platinum-selling producer Noel Golden at Whitestone Studios in Greenville, SC.

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Are We Rich Yet?

On Tracy Lane — Are We Rich Yet?
Release date : 8. 25, 2009
Label : Octave Match Records
Richmond Avenue Music (re-released)

Are We Rich Yet? is OTL's first full length album. OTL signed with Octave Match Records in 2009 and re-released the band's own label Richmond Avenue Music.

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ep's and compilations

The Greatest Hits That Aren’t Hits Yet

On Tracy Lane — The Greatest Hits That Aren't Hits Yet
Release date : Aug. 09, 2011
Label : Independently Released

The Greatest Hits That Aren’t Hits Yet features the best of On Tracy Lane as well as 3 brand new tracks recorded by platinum-selling producer Noel Golden...

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Melt & Paint EP

On Tracy Lane — Melt & Paint EP
Release date : Oct. 06, 2009
Label : Independently Released

Darryn and Jerry wrote most of the Melt & Paint EP in the rock dungeon in Nashville, TN. The group of songs was the last product of the band's time in Nashville.

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Pretend The Thing With Charlie Never Happened

On Tracy Lane — Pretend The Thing With Charlie Never Happened (Re-Issue)
Release date : Nov. 20, 2008
Label : Richmond Avenue Music (Re-Issue)

Pretend The Thing With Charlie Never Happened is the follow-up EP to 2005's 'OTL EP.' Produced in Nashville, TN by Mike Puwal of Insane Clown Posse, PtTWCNH produces the pop and almost country-like tracks such as 'Snowballs in LA' and 'Disappear'...

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On Tracy Lane — The OTL EP (Re-Issue)
Release date : Nov. 29, 2005
Label : Shock City Records

The OTL EP is the debut EP from On Tracy Lane. It was produced by Shock City Music, including producers Doug Firley (of Gravity Kills fame) and indie-rock veteran Chris Loesch....

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