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A Message to All OTL Fans

On Tracy Lane would like to congratulate the bands who will be playing this weekend at Fair St. Louis. OTL was not selected. The support from OTL fans and friends was truly inspiring this past weekend. We would like to personally thank each one of you! If any of you feel slighted, disrespected, or just downright po’d after the numbers we all put up this past weekend, lets all unite and do the following 2 things.

First of all, we will be playing a HUGE show Saturday July 16 at The Old Rock House in St. Louis with the amazing St. Louis band, The Upright Animals! More info released soon! Also, I encourage all fans to please not be disrespectful to any of the bands or to the personnel at Celebrate St. Louis / Fair St. Louis. However, we would not mind if you wanted to FLOOD the Celebrate St. Louis facebook page and DEMAND that OTL play with Barenaked Ladies July 23 in St. Louis, part of the Live on the Levee concert series. OTL fans RULE and we WILL see you soon!

Darryn, Jerry, Jeremy, Sean, and James

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